Ocala Horse Properties - 2023 Winter Farm Portfolio

Jeep owners and enthusiasts from around the U.S come ready to go topless and get dirty. In the best possible way! Trish is quick to point out that the club is more than just a vehicle for charity. At its (very generous) heart, OJC is a social club. Trish says, “Every month, our members gather for a trail ride. And at least once a month, we have a social event, which could be anything from going for ice cream or drive-in movies.” There are “meet and greet” events, and evenwrenching parties where you work on repairs andmods. Plus, club members often take charge of caring for their local trails, keeping themopen so everyone can enjoy off-roading in the outdoors. And, if you are traveling, you can always seek out other local Jeep clubs to find new friends in the fourwheel-drive community when you’re going off-roading away fromhome. Still, the best part is helping the community. “You can’t beat the feeling of being able to give back; most of us in this club are everyday people. We have needs as well, we have people that we give back to within our club. Jeepers become family, and being able to help family…well, there just isn’t a better feeling, is there?” Scenes from the 25th Anniversary JeeptoberFest 2022. Three days of down and dirty fun, but the best part is always giving back. Jeepers donated more than $6,000 to Bryan’s All Stars Challenge Sports. For more information, visit ocalajeepclub.com 148 | OCALAHORSEPROPERTIES.COM To advertise Your Farm in this publication, please call (352) 615-8891 WINTER/SPRING SEASON 2023 | OCALA HORSE PROPERTIES